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Large Fowl: Speckled Marans, Blackrocks, Blue Bells, Daisy Bell, Loman Browns, Hyliners, Rhode Island Reds, and Buff Orpingtons
Waterfowl: Indian Runners, Khaki Campbells, Welsh Harlequin and Chilten.
Guinea Fowl.

  • They are an extremely soft-feathered bird.
  • They are a slightly larger bird.
  • They are a superb layer – laying 340 cream eggs per year.
  • They are a very docile bird and very suitable as pets.


  • They are a beautiful shaped snow-white hen with a striking long white tail.
  • They lay approximately 320 pure white eggs per year.
  • They are often referred to as the “Little Ballerina”.

speckledmarmaSPECKLED MARMA

  • They are a large yet elegant bird with a deep breast, upward pointing tail and pale legs.
  • They are grey in colour with white speckles.
  • They lay approximately 320 chestnut brown eggs per year, which are usually speckled.
  • They are a very hardy bird.


  • They are a very pretty black bird with a silvery white hackle and lace.
  • They lay approximately 300 brown eggs per year.
  • They are a very placid bird.


  • They are a beautiful attractive bird with plumage varying in colour from blue to grey.
  • They have a grey/black hackle.
  • They lay approximately 300 brown eggs per year.
  • They are a very friendly bird.


  • They are predominantly black with variable amounts of chestnut colouring around the hackle.
  • They have a thick shiny plumage.
  • They lay approximately 320 mid brown eggs per year.
  • They are a very friendly bird and not easily stressed.

guinea-fowlGUINEA FOWL

  • Young guineas are called “keets”.
  • Guineas hate to be left alone so are better off in pairs or even more.
  • They are excellent flyers and can fly almost vertically. A wing can be clipped to stop them flying.
  • They are great for removing bugs from the garden and are well known for keeping away rats.
  • They are always alert and very watchful and get used to their owners and family.
  • They will start to become very vocal if something unusual is happening so make good watchdogs.

khaki-duckKHAKI DUCK

  • They are very active with a sturdy and upright posture.
  • They are a medium sized brown duck that make a wonderful farm or backyard duck.
  • They are extremely hardy and are at home on land as well as water.
  • They are known for their prolific egg laying capabilities, laying approximately 300 white eggs per year.

chilten-duckCHILTEN DUCK

  • They are a snow white duck.
  • They are specially bred for laying, laying 350 eggs approximately per year.
  • They lay a slightly off white tinted egg.
  • The ducklings are very fast growers and are easy reared.